Children’s Dentistry

Child DentistIn addition to our usual preventive dental services, our children are given fluoride treatments to help reduce tooth decay. Sealants, which are plastic coatings placed in the grooves of permanent teeth as decay preventatives, are also available. Sealants are a safe way to help prevent tooth decay caused by lack of brushing and poor eating habits.


Our child patients are given Toothprints™ free of charge. This painless procedure is a way to collect a sample of the child’s DNA. It’s a plastic wafer that a child bites into giving an imprint of their bite and also a sample of their DNA. The wafer is sealed and given to the parent for safekeeping. It’s similar to a fingerprint, in that can be used for identification purposes in the event a child becomes missing or needs to be positively identified.

Mouth Protectors

Dental MouthguardMouthguards should be worn when involved in sports Mouth protectors are also recommended to all of our children engaged in contact sports. These are made of a plastic material that is shaped to fit the child’s teeth and worn during contact sports. They act as a shock absorber for the teeth and can prevent trauma and the accidental fracture of the teeth. We highly recommend them highly to any student involved in sports activities.